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About Us

Keyword Digital is a pay-per-click search based “keyword” and contextually targeted advertising network, catering to both publishers and advertisers in all business verticals. At Keyword, an impression is not enough, the true value stems from a qualified click and ultimately a conversion. Keywords define an advertiser’s target audience, the content on a given site or mobile application, and a user’s needs and wants on search engines at the moment an ad is displayed. This form of targeting allows us to properly align our Advertisers with the right Publisher content, generating a positive ROI and a mutually beneficial exchange for our partners.


We have a dedicated staff who always puts customer satisfaction first. They go above and beyond in all situations.

Who We Are and How We do It

Keyword Digital is comprised of industry leaders who have founded and developed some of the most innovative companies in the digital advertising space. We pride ourselves on our ability to use innovative methods that pin point our advertisers to the highest possible levels of targeting. We work diligently using our experience and ingenuity to match highly branded, high quality, mobile and web publishers, with valuable keyword targeted advertisers, fostering sustainability and growth for both parties. We are result oriented team players who are eager to work with organizations that value these attributes.