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About Us

Formed back in 2011, the Keyword Digital network is comprised of veteran practitioners in the domain of pay-per-click search-based contextually targeted advertising. Boasting a team with decades of experience in the field of digital marketing ranging from sales and service, traffic and delivery to innovation and ops we have the right mix of upstream and downstream talent to get any job done right.


We have a dedicated staff who always puts customer satisfaction first. They go above and beyond in all situations.

Who We Are and How We do It

Keyword Digital is comprised of industry leaders who have founded and developed some of the most innovative companies in the digital advertising space. We pride ourselves on our ability to use innovative methods that pin point our advertisers to the highest possible levels of targeting. We work diligently using our experience and ingenuity to match highly branded, high quality, mobile and web publishers, with valuable keyword targeted advertisers, fostering sustainability and growth for both parties. We are result oriented team players who are eager to work with organizations that value these attributes.